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Zuri specialises in luxury bras for surgically enhanced breasts. We have collaborated with cosmetic surgery specialists, patients and lingerie designers, to create the perfect bra for women who have had breast surgery.

Our mission is to eradicate the issues women face when looking for the perfect bra after breast surgery. The recovery process is extremely important and the right bra is essential to ensure the incision scars, skin and tissue heal properly. Yet, finding a suitable post-surgery bra can be a daunting and confusing process. Until now…

Patient feedback revealed numerous issues. Lack of comfort and support, difficult fasteners and ill-fitting bras, the problems are varied. Not only can this be detrimental to recovery, but poor fitting bras and back clasps can result in considerable pain and discomfort.

Our innovative front fastening Zuri Butterfly Bra helps eliminate these concerns as it has been designed specifically for the recovery period. It has Velcro shoulder straps meaning it is supportive, comfortable, adjustable and breathable. We also launched the Zuri Resilience Bra, a luxury sports bra benefiting from the same design ethos for use after recovery, and will release a range of Zuri lingerie, bikinis and swimwear, designed to create the best look and support for our clients.

‘Zuri’ literally means beautiful and with our luxurious lingerie range you will look and feel beautiful during the recovery period and beyond. Our bras boast a classic and beautiful design with deluxe materials that ensure optimum comfort.

Please visit ‘our collections’ page to see our bras in more detail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Zuri’s team includes women who have had surgery so you can speak to someone who understands your needs and concerns.

After breast surgery your body needs to recover properly. Specialists recommend wearing a post-operative bra day and night for a minimum of six weeks. The Zuri Butterfly Bra is the best option to go for during this period.

This luxurious post-surgical bra is made from soft and deluxe fabric and is constructed to the highest quality. It has been designed based on latest technology, advice from surgeons and feedback from patients, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Zuri Butterfly Bra is a front fastening bra, boasting an auto lock zip making it easy for you to put on and take off. This is extremely important during recovery when limited arm and chest movements are advised. It is also adjustable thanks to Velcro shoulder straps which is important as the shape of your breasts may change slightly as swelling reduces and tissues heal. You can adjust the bra to fit you perfectly for ultimate comfort.

The soft and luxurious material further enhances comfort and ensures the bra is breathable, whilst the extra wide band and racer back offer high levels of support. The soft moulded cups are designed to fit by cup size without underwire. They add an additional protected layer so your breasts can heal properly.

The Butterfly bra has a classic and elegant design and is available in both black and white. It is sold in sizes 28-46, C-H.

  • Front auto locking easy zip
  • Strong adjustable Velcro straps
  • Airflex cups for breathability
  • X-Back easy movement and comfort
  • Advanced technology in fabric providing support comfort and flat soft seams
  • Soft wide band to protect incision points



When exercising it is vital your breasts are well supported. This is why we have created the Zuri Resilience Bra – a sports bra specifically designed for ladies who have had breast surgery. It is also a fantastic sports bra for women who have not had surgery!


We have used the extensive research for the Zuri Butterfly Bra to create a sports bra with the same key features but with the material used, padding and width of the band changed to reflect the needs of active women already past the recovery period.


This high impact bra is the perfect choice whenever exercising. It has been technically designed, offering support and comfort in all of the key areas. The innovative bra is made from premium quality material. This deluxe fabric provides optimum comfort and breathability, is quick drying and will absorb any perspiration.


The classic racer back design looks great and gives ultimate support and you can be confident in your performance and look.


Although we think our sports bra is better than many post-operative bras on the market, we recommend Zuri Resilience once your surgeon is happy you are past the recovery period and that you wear Zuri Butterfly while in recovery for optimal support and comfort.


  • High impact sports bra
  • Double dry, moisture wicking technology 
  • Airflex mesh for breathability
  • Auto locking Zip
  • Shaped implants cups
  • X-Back easy movement and comfort



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If you are interested in distributing any products from the Zuri range please get in touch by sending a message to Becky@zurilingerie.com

Measuring Up

One of the most important things when buying a post-operative bra is ensuring it fits properly. We provide patients with a front fastening bra that is comfortable, supportive and breathable, yet to truly reap these benefits you need to make sure it fits right. We know this is not always easy, which is why we have provided some key advice below to help…
What size bra should you go for?
Your band/back size does not increase after breast surgery. Nonetheless, many women throughout the UK are currently wearing the wrong bra size. Thus, it is a good idea to take your measurements again. In order to determine your band/back size you must measure around your ribcage. Wrap the measuring tape directly under your breasts and snugly around your ribcage. Take the measurement in inches. If your ribcage measures an even number you must add four to it. If it is an odd number you should add five. For example, if your ribcage measures 30 inches, add four and you will get a total of 34 - your band size.

What about your cup size? Of course you will have discussed a desired size with your surgeon prior to having cosmetic surgery. However, it is important to remember that your breasts are going to be swollen and therefore you may need a bigger size when buying our post-operative Velcro strap bra. To establish your approximate cup size you should measure across the broadest part of your breasts and around your back. Make sure the tape is straight and level all around. Subtract your back/band size from your new bust-size measurement. How many inches are you left with? Between one half and one inches is an A cup, anything between one inch and two and a half inches is a B cup, between two and a half and three and a half inches is a C cup, a D cup is between 3 and a half and four and a half inches, and finally if you are left with anything between four and a half and six inches you have an E cup.
What size bra should you go for?
  • Make sure the band of the bra fits snugly around your back and does not  ride up. The back of your bra should be at the same level as the front.
  • Your breast should be fully enclosed within the bra cup. If there are any  wrinkles or bulges it is not fitted correctly.
  • The bra must conform to your breasts, meaning there should be no bags around the nipple area.

our story

Luxury lingerie for augmented clients

Drawing on medical backgrounds, we have heard many complaints about post-operative bras and noticed there is a lack of understanding regarding how implants impact bra choice.

Our journey started over 2 years ago working with cosmetic surgeons, patients and lingerie designers to produce luxury bras for clients who have had breast surgery.

We discovered that many women suffer from poor quality and ill-fitting post-surgical bras or are not using a specialist recovery bra at all. Some women even go straight to wearing normal underwire bras, which offer no support and can cause considerable pain. Without a quality post-surgical bra you can seriously hinder recovery.

Our bras reflect recovery needs whilst ensuring you benefit from excellent levels of support and comfort. Premium quality material is used to guarantee a luxurious feel.

We have also identified that there is a limited choice of lingerie specifically designed to look and feel good for women with enhanced breasts who are post recovery and our next mission is to deliver a great range for our clients to wear once their breasts have recovered.

We hope you love the Zuri range and if you have any queries or suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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